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Fences 101

Everyone has a set of criteria when they are looking for a new home. Maybe you want an open-concept kitchen or a certain number of bedrooms. You might even want a big backyard. If you've made a list, make sure you include the type of fencing.

Fences add incredible value to your home. It's what keeps dogs and children in and unwanted guests out. It creates privacy and even visual appeal. So, what should you consider when you are looking for a home or thinking about building brand new fences? Here are 7 suggestions that will help you during the process.

  1. Define Why You Want One - Different builds have different purposes. Defining why you want and need a fence will help in your decision process. The best fence for keeping a dog in might not be the same type as keeping sound out.

  2. Budget - Fences can cost upwards toward $2500. Make sure you get a full quote and consider all your options. The prettiest option might not be beneficial for your bank account.

  3. Get Creative - There are many different fence options out there. From aluminum to classic wood, you can choose from a variety of options. Don't feel confined! Check out all your options.

  4. Trust the Professionals - Avoid DIY fences. It is better to trust the professionals with fence installation and repair. Professionals bring expertise to the table to ensure fences are installed properly for maximum lifespan.

  5. Consider Climate - If you are moving to a climate with consistent rain fall, wood fences might not be the ideal option for you. Wood swells and shrinks in the rain. This might not be the case for Lubbock weather, but make sure you choose an option that is durable to Lubbock climate, weather, and temperature.

  6. Consider Your Neighbors - If your yard shares a fence, it is smart to acknowledge your neighbors. Talk to them to see what they are okay with before you settle on an option.

  7. Create A List of Questions - Be prepared with a list of questions for the fencing company. How much will labor cost? What do you recommend? How long does your process take? Etc.

Keep these suggestion in mind when you are looking to revamp your fence.

Smart Lawn and Landscape are experts when it comes to fences. Give us a call today to learn more about our landscaping and lawn options. We'd love to answer any questions you might have!

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